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Founder & CEO

Mr. Javdan is an attorney and CEO of LawInc. As its founder, he has redefined the legal industry by pioneering the delivery of premium and affordable legal services to the 21st century client, via the Internet. He is a corporate law veteran with over two decades of experience. An unprecedented 500+ LinkedIn recommendations attest to his expertise.


Consider California LLC gross receipts tax whenever forming an LLC in CA

What is California's LLC Gross Receipt Tax?

November 16, 2023

California levies an annual gross receipts tax on LLCs operating in the state based on their total gross receipts. This tax is in addition to the $800 minimum franchise tax....

Illustration of a professional accountant in front of a California-themed backdrop, with imagery of paperwork, legal gavels, and tax symbols, representing the process of setting up an accountancy corporation in California.

How to Form a Professional Accountancy Corporation in California

October 23, 2023

Are you a certified accountant in California running your own practice, and looking to save on taxes while limiting your liability? If so, forming a California professional corporation, specifically a...

Female entrepreneur standing proudly in front of her Tesla Model X, showcasing the synergy of luxury and smart business decisions

How Forming an S Corporation and Buying a Tesla Model X Can Save You Thousands in Taxes

September 29, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of electric vehicles, Tesla continues to make waves, not just with its groundbreaking technology but also with its strategic pricing decisions. The recent announcement of a...

Smart contracts are reinventing law

Smart Contracts 101: Everything You Need to Know about the Contracts of the Digital Age

September 22, 2023

In the midst of our digital era, where innovations and breakthroughs seem a daily occurrence, a singular concept emerges with profound implications: the “Smart Contract.” This isn’t merely a juxtaposition...

Entrepreneur reviewing the FinCEN Beneficial Ownership Guidelines.

Starting an LLC or Corporation? Decoding FinCEN's New Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) Compliance Guide

September 19, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of business regulations, staying informed is not just a matter of compliance—it’s a strategic necessity. For entrepreneurs and businesses venturing into the realms of LLCs and...

Smiling California dentist in professional attire looking directly into the camera

Can California Dentists Use LLCs? A 2024 Guide to Professional Dental Corporations

September 14, 2023

In the world of dental practice in California, there’s a common question that often arises: Can dentists form an LLC? The answer isn’t straightforward, and many professionals find themselves navigating...

Professional discussing the formation of a Clinical Social Work Corporation in California

The Comprehensive Guide to Establishing a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) Corporation in California

September 12, 2023

Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) in California provide therapy, counseling, and support to individuals and groups, addressing issues like mental illness and trauma. They are vital in the healthcare system,...

The Corporate Transparency Act Requires Corporations and LLCs to Disclose Beneficial Ownership Information

Corporate Transparency Act: Historic New Corporation & LLC Law

January 18, 2023

In what is considered a historic legislative change, the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) requires almost all new and existing corporations and LLCs to disclose ownership information directly to the U.S....

PC is an abbreviation for Professional Corporation

Can "PC" be used as a CA Professional Law Corp Name Ending?

January 4, 2023

A common question for lawyers forming California professional law corporations is whether “PC,” which is an abbreviation for “professional corporation” can be used as a name ending for their corporations....

Register a Law Corporation in California

How to Form a Professional Law Corporation in California

December 18, 2022

Are you a California attorney, with your own law practice, looking for tax savings and to help limit your liability? If so, consider forming a California professional corporation. Specifically a...