Why Us

Why Us

We are a law firm.

We are an experienced corporate law firm. We are fast, highly automated, and we stand ready to give legal advice and consultation.

LawInc is operated by attorneys who are experienced in entity formation and are able to provide sound legal advice. We ensure your entity is formed right the first time. Many of our clients are companies who opted to use a “discount” online incorporation service only to find that the wrong entity was formed or that only the bare minimum was done to form their entity; ultimately leaving the business owners subject to personal liability.

Be careful. Online incorporation services are not associated or affiliated with law firms or attorneys. As non-lawyers, they are legally prohibited from providing legal advice. They are only permitted to fill in forms “under your direction.” If you ask a question, you could easily find yourself trying to get help from someone who knows little or nothing about your issue or the matter at hand. Moreover, once formed, a corporation or LLC becomes immediately subject to hundreds of state and federal laws. The corporate “filing” companies make no attempt to guide new corporations through the myriad of state and federal laws and regulations. These factors could have serious consequences for your business.

LawInc facilitates the entire process so that you: (a) choose the correct entity for your business, (b) complete the formation process correctly the first time, and (c) can focus on generating profits.

Our legal expertise, of course, also allows us to provide comprehensive services for your business. We can help you trademark your business name, prepare essential contracts and also prepare your corporation’s minutes on a yearly basis. Ultimately, we can handle almost all of your business’ legal needs.

We are experts.

We form your business the right way.

The primary purpose of forming an entity such as a corporation is to provide protection against personal liability.

Few people understand the difference between creating a corporation and properly forming a corporation. Legally creating a corporation merely requires filing Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State. This is all incorporation services will do for you. This will not provide you with personal liability protection. In California, one of the factors used by courts in determining whether to assess individual liability against the shareholders of a corporation or LLC is whether it properly completed its organization.

Unfortunately, few people realize that properly forming a corporation is a complex process that involves a multitude of tasks extending far beyond the filing of Articles. If all steps of entity formation are not carefully completed, the corporation or LLC can be disregarded, and ultimately, liability protection negated.

Unlike an incorporation service, we are a law firm. We not only prepare and file Articles, we comply with all of the requirements for entity formation so as to protect you from personal liability and build your business on a strong foundation.

In order to assure complete liability protection, LawInc can complete all of the following tasks, which are usually overlooked when forming a corporation:

The preparation of Articles of Incorporation which fully protect the directors of the corporation
The preparation of customized by laws
The preparation of first organizational minutes
The actual preparation and execution of stock certificates
Filing a Subchapter “S” election, if applicable
Obtaining tax identification numbers
The actual preparation and filing of Statement of Information

Neglecting a single one of these requirements can result in monetary penalties and/or suspension of a corporation’s rights and privileges, even automatic termination of a corporation. Additionally, neglect of such requirements can bolster a corporate creditor’s claim that the corporation was not properly formed and that the shareholders should be held personally liable for the debts and obligations of the corporation.

Protect yourself. Let LawInc form your corporation of LLC… the right way.

We make it personal.

Here at LawInc, we make sure our clients receive the personal attention they deserve. All clients have direct communication with an assigned attorney and are free to communicate with their attorney via telephone or email. We recognize the importance of receiving competent legal services and accordingly make sure all of our clients have a dedicated attorney to guide them through the process and answer any questions they may have.

We are comprehensive.

At LawInc, we endeavor to build long lasting relationships with our clients. Specifically, we aim to form and maintain your new business entity in accordance with the highest standards of the law. Rather than merely forming an entity for our clients and parting ways, we stand ready to advise our clients regarding the day-to-day legal issues associated with operating a new company throughout its existence. Ultimately, we offer perpetual legal counsel which allows your entity to grow and evolve with you as your needs and circumstances change. Consider us legal counsel for the road ahead.

We keep things simple.

We make forming your business easy.

When forming your corporation or LLC, or creating your corporate minutes, all of the required information can simply submitted using one online form. You can complete the online formation process according to your schedule, anytime, day or night.

We are affordable.

We offer expert service at flat fees.

Don’t be fooled by “incorporation services” offering a deal simply too good to be true. As it is true with most things in life, you generally get what you pay for. At LawInc, we avoid the confusion. We offer full service and flat fees, providing our clients with the highest quality legal work and certainty in terms of cost. Ultimately, your business will be formed and protected by licensed attorneys for a reasonable flat fee, with no hidden costs.

We are secure.

We protect and privatize your information

If you choose to form your corporation, form your LLC or prepare your corporate minutes using our online service, the information you provide to us is held in absolute privacy. In addition, we go the extra mile to make sure that our servers and connections incorporate that latest encryption and security devices.

LawInc implements state-of-the-art encryption and security devices so that all information you provide is kept strictly confidential and secure behind firewalls by requiring:

  • User Name and Password;
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Internet connection;
  • 128-bit encryption; and
  • Automatic sign-out feature if your session is inactive for longer than 10 minutes