Save a Tree

Save a Tree

At LawInc we are committed to the environment and also keeping things simple, efficient and affordable for all of our clients. When forming a corporation or LLC, all clients receive copies of their paperwork in digital format. This provides several benefits:


Minimize the impact on the environment by viewing and storing all of your legal paperwork in digital format.


There is no need to wait for mailing of paperwork. You receive your paperwork within minutes.


Easily and seamlessly obtain duplicates. Simply contact us anytime and we’ll have backup copies of your legal paperwork available instantly.

Keep Organized

Papers cause clutter and take up space. Keep things simple and store all of your legal documents on your computer or online.

Reduced Costs

Paperless delivery allows us to provide you with very competitive pricing. Compare us to traditional law firms.


By securely storing your legal documents on your computer, you are able to keep unauthorized persons from seeing sensitive materials.