Corporation Overview

Corporation Overview

Protect Yourself and Save on Taxes

Shield Yourself From Lawsuits and Minimize Your Tax Bill

Forming a corporation is a great way for business owners to protect themselves from lawsuits. These days, business owners are at risk for lawsuits, whether or not they have done something wrong. Why unnecessarily expose your home, savings and personal assets? S corporations can also provide significant tax savings. Without an S corporation, all of your income is subject to “self-employment taxes.” With an S corporation, only your “salary” is subject to those taxes. Corporations are also great for raising capital.

Do It The Right Way

We are a Law Firm

Unfortunately, few people realize that properly forming a corporation is a complex process that involves many tasks extending far beyond the filing of Articles of Incorporation with the state. If all steps of corporation formation are not carefully completed, the corporation can be disregarded, and ultimately, liability protection negated, in case of a lawsuit. Don’t become a statistic. Each year, thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners lose everything because they failed to properly form their corporations.

Form a Corporation The Right Way

Here are some things that set us apart from the competition:

Work Directly With an Attorney For No Extra Charge
We Provide Customized Documents, Not “Fill-In-The-Blank” Forms
We Let You Review Your Documents Before Filing
We File Your Articles Via Courier
We Actually File Your S Corporation With The IRS
We Can Obtain a Tax ID Number Within 24 Hours
We Actually Prepare Your Stock Certificates

Protect yourself. Let us form your corporation…the right way.

Form a Corporation Professionally and Affordably

We Offer Expert Service and Flat Fees

Don’t be fooled by “incorporation services” offering a deal that is simply too good to be true. As is true with most things in life, you usually get what you pay for. We offer a far superior service at an extremely affordable price. Our prices are also a fraction of what a typical law firm would charge. We will form your corporation for a flat fee of $895 (plus state filing fee).

  • INCLUDES FREE 30 Minute Attorney Consultation!!*
  • INCLUDES FREE Expedited Filing!*
  • INCLUDES FREE Tax ID Number (EIN) Obtainment!
  • INCLUDES FREE S Corporation Filing!
  • INCLUDES FREE Unlimited Live Phone and Email Support!
  • INCLUDES FREE Initial Document Preparation within 24 Hours!
  • INCLUDES FREE Preliminary Name Search!
  • INCLUDES FREE Articles of Incorporation!
  • INCLUDES FREE PDF Document Review Before Filing!
  • INCLUDES FREE Submission of Documents by Courier!
  • INCLUDES FREE Customized Organizational Minutes!
  • INCLUDES FREE Customized Bylaws!
  • INCLUDES FREE Customized & Issued Stock Certificates!
  • INCLUDES FREE Customized Stock Transfer Ledger!
  • INCLUDES FREE IRC Section 1244 Stock Designation!
  • INCLUDES FREE Indemnification Protection!
  • INCLUDES FREE Customized & Issued Stock Certificates!
  • INCLUDES FREE Post Formation Legal and Tax Guide!
  • INCLUDES FREE PDF of Filed Articles of Incorporation!
  • INCLUDES FREE PDFs of All Customized Corporate Paperwork!
  • INCLUDES FREE Digital Corporate Kit!

Getting Started

Complete Our Online Questionnaire or Call us Anytime

We make incorporation simple. Simply complete our online questionnaire. We’ll take care of the rest. If you have any questions, please call us 24/7 at (800) 989-5294. We’re standing by to assist you.

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