About LawInc

About LawInc

A Whole New Kind of Law Firm

Our revolutionary online interface re-defines the practice of law and provides a low cost/high quality one-stop legal shop for the modern entrepreneur and small business owner. Join us as we pioneer the delivery of premium and affordable legal services to the 21st century client.

Your Business… the Right Way

Don’t become a statistic. Each year, thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners lose everything because they failed to properly form and maintain their businesses. Be vigilant. Form and protect your business… the right way… with LawInc. We are a seasoned corporate law firm. We are fast, highly automated, and we stand ready to give legal advice and consultation.

Flat and Affordable Fees

At LawInc, we recognize that our clients are unique and, accordingly, worthy of high quality legal services that are tailored to their individual requirements. At the same time, we also realize that our clients share a common desire to manage their legal expenses.

We see no need why legal costs should remain an unidentified variable over which the client has no power and very limited knowledge. We believe that personalized legal counseling, excellent client service and preset fees at reasonable rates can co-exist. Accordingly, we offer legal services on a flat fee or fixed plan basis.

Our innovative billing method takes the practice of law to a new level, avoiding the traditional approach of billing by the hour. Contact us to learn about LawInc and how we can start, protect and grow your business.