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Entrepreneur looking confidently at the camera.

Launching a Startup in California: A Legal Roadmap

December 09, 2023 02:12 pm by LawInc Staff

With California being home to Silicon Valley and a hub of innovation, it attracts countless entrepreneurs looking to build disruptive startups every year. However, navigating the legal landscape can be...

Tesla Cybertrucks on a delivery truck, signifying their distribution to businesses.

Cybertruck and S Corporations: An Electric Combo for Business Taxes

December 08, 2023 02:12 pm by Zach Javdan

When it comes to electric pickups, Tesla’s long-teased Cybertruck has revved up a lot of chatter. Its recent customer deliveries and angular styling definitely turn heads. But beyond the hype...

Image of an LLC owner contemplating the Corporate Transparency Act penalties

How Your Corporation or LLC Can Send You to Prison

December 02, 2023 05:12 pm by LawInc Staff

With over 6 million corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) formed in the U.S. annually, business entity creation is ubiquitous. However, the recent Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) imposes new federal...

Business owner considering common DIY incorporation mistakes.

DIY Incorporation: 8 Critical Mistakes

November 30, 2023 02:11 pm by LawInc Staff

With over 415,000 new business formations annually in California alone, company incorporation has become virtually mainstream. However, going the DIY route also comes loaded with legal complexities that business owners...

Daryl Hall and John Oates in a legal dispute

Maneater: How Lack of Deal Structure Chewed Up Hall & Oates

November 28, 2023 01:11 pm by LawInc Staff

Music fans were stunned this week when news emerged that famed Hall & Oates singer Daryl Hall filed a restraining order against his partner of over 50 years, John Oates....

LLC owner confidently looking at the camera, symbolizing informed financial decision-making.

How LLC Owners Get Paid: Salaries, Distributions and Combinations

November 24, 2023 01:11 pm by LawInc Staff

As a limited liability company (LLC) owner, determining how to pay yourself appropriately involves key considerations around taxes, liability protection, and financial planning. With multiple options available, what is the...

Tesla Cybertruck on a mountain road, blending advanced technology with rugged performance, ideal for businesses seeking tax-efficient vehicles.

Tesla Cybertruck Weight Unlocks Major Tax Savings

November 22, 2023 05:11 pm by LawInc Staff

Tesla’s long-awaited Cybertruck is positioned to disrupt far more than the pickup truck market when production models hit roads. For small business owners strategically acquiring the Cybertruck, it can deliver...

Bright and modern infographic highlighting the benefits of starting an LLC in California, using vivid pastel colors.

Start an LLC in California: Top 10 Benefits

November 20, 2023 04:11 pm by LawInc Staff

With over 500,000 LLCs formed each year in California alone, limited liability companies remain a popular choice for many small business owners. Forming an LLC can help protect personal assets...

Consider California LLC gross receipts tax whenever forming an LLC in CA

What is California's LLC Gross Receipt Tax?

November 16, 2023 01:11 pm by Zach Javdan

California levies an annual gross receipts tax on LLCs operating in the state based on their total gross receipts. This tax is in addition to the $800 minimum franchise tax....

Confident female entrepreneur standing in her California LLC business.

7 California LLC Formation Advantages

November 03, 2023 01:11 pm by LawInc Staff

California LLC formation offers various critical benefits to individuals looking to start a California business or invest in California real estate. Consider the following if you are considering a new California...