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FinCEN Beneficial Ownership First Rule

Treasury Issues Historic Business Ownership Reporting Rules Impacting Millions

December 08, 2021 11:12 pm by Zach Javdan

Today, the U.S. Treasury Department’s crimefighting division, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), published a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) concerning the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), which is intended to...

Incorporating your business?

Incorporate Your Business? Ask 6 Questions

November 30, 2021 05:11 pm by LawInc Staff

If you incorporate your business, you are taking an important step towards protecting yourself and saving money on taxes. However, the liability protection and tax savings are not absolute. It’s critical...

How to Form an LLC Taxed as an S Corporation

How to Form an LLC Taxed as an S Corporation

November 23, 2021 11:11 am by LawInc Staff

The phrase “LLCs taxed as an S corporation” is a frequent source of confusion. The reason is that LLCs (also known as Limited Liability Companies) are technically different entity types than...

Forming an S Corporation in California

How to Form an S Corporation in California

November 22, 2021 08:11 pm by LawInc Staff

When you form an S corporation, in California, it is critical that every step is carefully completed to ensure maximum liability protection and tax issues, in case of an IRS...

Significant Penalties Appy under the Corporate Transparency Act

Corporate Transparency Act Penalties: $500/Day & Prison Time

November 10, 2021 03:11 pm by Zach Javdan

Since significant penalties are associated with willful noncompliance with the Corporate Transparency Act, it is important to comply if you have an existing corporation or LLC in the United States....

Forming a California Professional Medical Corporation

How to Form a California Medical Corporation

February 19, 2021 01:02 pm by Zach Javdan

Forming a California medical corporation is a great way for California doctors to, among other things, save on taxes (via an S corporation) and help limit liability. It’s important to...

Forming a California Professional Nursing Corporation

How to Form a California Nursing Corporation

December 30, 2020 08:12 pm by Zach Javdan

Forming a California nursing corporation is a great idea for California nurses looking to save on self-employment taxes and receive additional liability protection. Here are the steps you should take if...

CA Nursing Corp Name Requirements

How to Name a California Professional Nursing Corporation

December 28, 2020 02:12 pm by LawInc Staff

Do California nursing corporations have any naming requirements or restrictions? CA Professional Nursing Corporations California nurses often form professional nursing corporations to save on taxes and help provide liability protection in CA....

CA corporation address

How To Change a California Corporation Address

September 21, 2020 11:09 pm by LawInc Staff

It is important to immediately notify all applicable governmental entities if you decide to change your California Corporation address.  Updating the corporation’s address is incredibly important to ensure you do not...

Crowdfunding Dangers

7 Reasons to Avoid Crowdfunding

July 25, 2019 12:07 pm by LawInc Staff

10 years ago it was almost impossible to get random strangers from across the globe to invest in your project, invention, or business. But that’s exactly what tens of thousands...