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Digital cloud releasing social media symbols, legal documents, and news headlines over a protective formation of U.S. states.

Meta Faces Youth Marketing Legal Storm

October 24, 2023 03:01 pm by LawInc Staff

In a world where the digital realm frequently intertwines with reality, social media giants like Meta Platforms Inc., the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, find themselves at the crosshairs...

Illustration of a professional accountant in front of a California-themed backdrop, with imagery of paperwork, legal gavels, and tax symbols, representing the process of setting up an accountancy corporation in California.

How to Form a Professional Accountancy Corporation in California

October 23, 2023 11:19 am by Zach Javdan

Are you a certified accountant in California running your own practice, and looking to save on taxes while limiting your liability? If so, forming a California professional corporation, specifically a...

Speech-Language Pathologist assisting a patient in California, symbolizing the professional benefits of incorporating as a Speech-Language Pathology Corporation.

Speech-Language Pathology Corporation: Top Incorporation Benefits in CA

October 16, 2023 02:10 pm by LawInc Staff

In California, Speech-Language Pathologists address a spectrum of communication challenges, from speech and language disorders to cognitive-communication and voice issues. Through tailored therapeutic plans, they empower Californians to communicate effectively...

Business owner contemplating forming an S Corporation in California for 2024.

Navigating S Corporations in California 2024: Why You Need Expert Guidance

October 11, 2023 04:27 pm by LawInc Staff

S Corporations have long been a popular choice for business owners in California, offering a blend of tax benefits and liability protection. As we move into 2024, the rules and...

A confident physician looking at the camera, ready to navigate the roles within California Medical Corporations.

Who Can Own and Run a California Medical Corporation?

October 04, 2023 12:26 pm by LawInc Staff

Understanding the roles within California Medical Corporations is vital for both experienced physicians starting new ventures and healthcare professionals joining existing practices. Here, we clarify the specific ownership and management...

Female entrepreneur standing proudly in front of her Tesla Model X, showcasing the synergy of luxury and smart business decisions

How Forming an S Corporation and Buying a Tesla Model X Can Save You Thousands in Taxes

September 29, 2023 08:13 pm by Zach Javdan

In the ever-evolving landscape of electric vehicles, Tesla continues to make waves, not just with its groundbreaking technology but also with its strategic pricing decisions. The recent announcement of a...

Business owner preparing for Corporate Transparency Act compliance.

Extended Reporting Period Under the Corporate Transparency Act: What Businesses Need to Know

September 28, 2023 05:42 pm by LawInc Staff

On September 28, 2023, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) issued a Proposed Rule to extend the period for reporting beneficial ownership under the Corporate...

Female employee in office surrounded by women holding shields, symbolizing protection provided by California’s 2024 Non-Compete Law Amendment.

California’s 2024 Non-Compete Law: What Businesses and Employees Need to Know

September 28, 2023 01:29 pm by LawInc Staff

Non-Compete Laws, often buried within employment contracts, play a key role in defining the professional relationship between employers and employees. These agreements are designed to prevent employees from engaging with...

Smart contracts are reinventing law

Smart Contracts 101: Everything You Need to Know about the Contracts of the Digital Age

September 22, 2023 01:49 pm by Zach Javdan

In the midst of our digital era, where innovations and breakthroughs seem a daily occurrence, a singular concept emerges with profound implications: the “Smart Contract.” This isn’t merely a juxtaposition...

Entrepreneur reviewing the FinCEN Beneficial Ownership Guidelines.

Starting an LLC or Corporation? Decoding FinCEN's New Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) Compliance Guide

September 19, 2023 04:11 pm by Zach Javdan

In the ever-evolving landscape of business regulations, staying informed is not just a matter of compliance—it’s a strategic necessity. For entrepreneurs and businesses venturing into the realms of LLCs and...