How to Name a California Professional Nursing Corporation

December 28, 2020

Do California nursing corporations have any naming requirements or restrictions?

CA Professional Nursing Corporations

California nurses often form professional nursing corporations to save on taxes and help provide liability protection in CA. Professional nursing corporations are particularly appealing to nurses working as independent contractors.

The Rule Applicable to California Nursing Corporations

According to California Business and Professions Code, Article 3.5, Section 2778, “the name of a nursing corporation and any name or names under which it may render professional services shall contain the words “nursing” or “registered nursing,” and wording or abbreviations denoting corporate existence.”

Examples of Acceptable California Nursing Corporation Names

Westside Nursing, Inc.

John Doe Nursing, Inc.

Jane Doe Registered Nursing, Inc.

Wilson Nursing Corp.

Integrated Registered Nursing Corp.

CA Professional Nursing Corporation

CA nursing corporations are required to have the word “nursing”  or “registered nursing” in their name.

Acceptable Nursing Corporation Name Endings

The following name endings are permitted for CA nursing corporations:



Nursing Corp.

Professional Corp.


“Professional Corporation” is not Required to be Included in the Name

Nurses often believe that “professional corporation” needs to be included in the name of their California nursing corporation. That is not the case.

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