California Startup Company Creates Interactive Yoga Mat

October 8, 2014

California startup company, SmartMat, Inc., has created the World’s first smart yoga mat.

The SmartMat is a portable yoga mat that allows users to keep track, improve and master their yoga workouts by studying and analyzing their workout forms. The mat provides users with a guided workout and analyzes user information and generates feedback and suggestions on what users can do to help improve their form.

Sensors located throughout the mat provide users with both audio and visual feedback by connecting with their smartphones or tablets. The feedback provides users with a more “detailed and insightful” workout.

The company launched an IndieGoGo campaign on September 30 to raise $110,000 and has raised over $176,000 with 26 days remaining.

About SmartMat Inc. 

Co-founded by Neyma Jahan, Sam Marks and Maziar Sadri, SmartMat has revolutionized the word yoga. Jahan, the “Chief Yogi” has 20 years of experience in the industry and provides the company with its vision and leadership.

SmartMat Inc. co-founder Neyma Jahan

SmartMat Inc. co-founder Neyma Jahan

Marks, the “Hardware Guru”, has over 10 years experience as a technology and consumer product entrepreneur and provides the company with hardware development, manufacturing protocols and logistics.

Sadri, the “Software Guru”, developed the software behind the mat and has previously worked at the Executive level at Yahoo!

Together, the 3 have spent hours perfecting every yoga pose to guarantee perfect alignment and balance for every different body type.

About The Product 

The SmartMat allows users to recognize and practice

The SmartMat allows users to recognize and practice poses.

The beauty of the mat is that it allows users, if they wish, to practice and perfect their yoga routines in the comfort of their own home. Saving them time, money and sometimes the embarrassment surrounding leaning new poses.

The product offers an in-class assist, in-home private and zen mode that both provide users with the same feedback a traditional instructor would through their smartphones and tablets.

The in-home private mode allows users to follow an interactive yoga class while receiving real-time visual and audio feedback on how to adjust their alignment and balance. Helping users achieve the “perfect pose.”

The in-class assist mode also follows users movements and progress and provides visual only feedback to not disturb other yogis around you.

The zen mode does not provide any feedback in real time. Rather, it records the users’ information allows them to read and analyze it at a later time.

How Does It Work?

To active their mat, users must first complete a calibration process which requires them to input basic information including their gender, height and weight.

Next it requires users to lay down on their mats and tiny sensors will measure their arm span and other ratios between other limbs. These measurements will provide the mat with information regarding each users’ capabilities and limitations as far as flexibility during their yoga routines.

The mat will connect with an application on users smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth that can be programmed to achieve different goals and skills. For example, one user might be interested in perfecting the downward dog, another in losing weight and another in toning his or her body.

As users begin their yoga routines, the mat will correct their poses by offering suggestions on how to place their hands and feet to align their bodies. Users can opt for either visual or audio queues depending on their preference.

SmartMat provides users with real-time feedback on where to place their hands or feet to achieve the perfect yoga pose

SmartMat provides users with real-time feedback on where to place their hands or feet to achieve the perfect yoga pose.

At the end of your workout, the application will rate each yoga posture on alignment, balance and pose and also provide an overall numerical rating on how they performed.

At the end of a workout, the SmartMat provides users with a score on how well they did

At the end of a workout, the SmartMat provides users with a score.

The tiny pressure sensors, the technology that allows all this to happen, are squeezed between two layers of PVC inside the mat and cannot be felt or seen by the naked eye. At first glance, the SmartMat looks like any other yoga mat and seamlessly rolls up like a traditional mat.  

The mat also guarantees an accurate reading of over 60 different yoga poses up to 300 lbs and is designed to hold its charge for up to 6 hours without requiring a recharge.

The $247 early bird special is sold out and for $297 you can pre-order your very own mat today. So if you want your very own SmartMat, act fast because once it hits the market, it will retail for $447.


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