Yoshinobu Yamamoto signing contract with the Dodgers

The Legal Implications of Yoshinobu Yamamoto's Landmark $325M Dodgers Deal

December 21, 2023 09:12 pm by LawInc Staff

The Los Angeles Dodgers have made a historic move by signing Japanese pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto to a 12-year contract worth $325 million. This deal, which transpired less than ten days...

Apple Watch with 'not allowed' sign symbolizing import ban

Apple Faces Import Ban on Latest Apple Watch Models Due to Patent Battle

December 19, 2023 04:12 pm by LawInc Staff

Apple’s found itself stuck in a legal quicksand that’s put the brakes on sales of its latest Apple Watch, across the country. This winding court drama spotlights how intellectual property...

Aerial view of a large hilltop mansion in Malibu with views of the ocean

Lawsuit Against Mauricio Umansky Over $70 Million Malibu Mansion Sale Dismissed

December 15, 2023 11:12 am by LawInc Staff

According to the LA Times, Mauricio Umansky, a high-profile real estate agent and cast member on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” will not face trial over a lawsuit accusing...

Shohei Ohtani signing a contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers

Deferred Dough: The Genius Behind Ohtani’s $700M Record-Smashing MLB Contract

December 12, 2023 12:12 pm by LawInc Staff

Shohei Ohtani recently inked an unprecedented 10-year, $700 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Beyond shattering records for MLB and North American sports deals, intrigue centers around deferred compensation...

Overview of California's new laws for 2024

New California Laws 2024: New Year, New Rules

December 11, 2023 10:12 am by LawInc Staff

California recently enacted a series of laws taking effect in 2024 that promise to broadly shape conditions across the state. Ranging from business regulations to personal liberties, the legislation crosses...

Tesla Cybertrucks on a delivery truck, signifying their distribution to businesses.

Cybertruck and S Corporations: An Electric Combo for Business Taxes

December 08, 2023 02:12 pm by Zach Javdan

When it comes to electric pickups, Tesla’s long-teased Cybertruck has revved up a lot of chatter. Its recent customer deliveries and angular styling definitely turn heads. But beyond the hype...

Daryl Hall and John Oates in a legal dispute

Maneater: How Lack of Deal Structure Chewed Up Hall & Oates

November 28, 2023 01:11 pm by LawInc Staff

Music fans were stunned this week when news emerged that famed Hall & Oates singer Daryl Hall filed a restraining order against his partner of over 50 years, John Oates....

Abstract representation of corporate merger and antitrust litigation with pastel geometric shapes and subtle legal symbols on a white background.

T-Mobile's Antitrust Litigation Over Sprint Merger

November 04, 2023 09:11 pm by LawInc Staff

Case Overview Lawsuit Filed: Verizon and AT&T customers filed against T-Mobile and Sprint. Allegation: Merger violates antitrust laws, Clayton Act and Sherman Act. Claim: Merger is “one of the most anti-competitive acquisitions in...

Real estate agent with blueprints in front of a house under construction, symbolizing the industry's rebuilding after a landmark commission lawsuit.

Real Estate Revolution: Billion-Dollar Verdict Shakes Up Commission Structure

October 31, 2023 02:10 pm by LawInc Staff

The Big Verdict A jury’s recent decision could dramatically alter the landscape of real estate commissions, impacting how we buy and sell homes. In the case of Burnett et al v....

Digital cloud releasing social media symbols, legal documents, and news headlines over a protective formation of U.S. states.

Meta Faces Youth Marketing Legal Storm

October 24, 2023 03:10 pm by LawInc Staff

In a world where the digital realm frequently intertwines with reality, social media giants like Meta Platforms Inc., the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, find themselves at the crosshairs...

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