Electric Scooter Startup Company, Gogoro, Starts Shipping Its “SmartScooters” of the Future

Gogo Electric Scooter Startup Company

Venture-backed startup company, Gogoro, has started shipping its "SmartScooters" of the future with plans for expansion worldwide if successful.

July 25, 2015

Gogoro is a startup company that sells electric “SmartScooters.”

Electric SmartScooter Startup Company

The startup has been operating under the radar for the last few years, after generating $150 million in venture capital.

Rideable Scooter Startup Gogo

After much speculation, they announced that they were building a smart electric scooter, and corresponding charging infrastructure, which works with a network of 65 “GoStations” which allows riders to immediately exchange drained batteries with charged ones.

Electric Scooter Startup

The startup company was founded in 2011 by the former Chief Innovation Officer of HTC (formerly known as High-Tech Computer Corporation) along with significant financial backing from HTC’s CEO (and co-founder) Cher Wang.

Rideable Scooter Startup Gogo

The electric scooter startup began taking orders around a month ago and sold approximately 400 units.

The electric scooters sold for around $4,000 each which included an introductory offer of a year of theft insurance and two years of unlimited battery swaps and maintenance.

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Although this is roughly double the cost of premium gas scooters, the startup claims that the price difference is offset by gas savings and government subsidies.

Gogoro Electric Scooter Startup Company

The battery swapping service will requires a subscription fee in the future. As of right now, the electric scooter can’t be charged at home.

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The startup is currently focusing its sales in its flagship city of Taipei with plans to expand to other venues worldwide if the initial launch is successful.

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