iGot A Parking Ticket. There’s An App For That: Fixed

March 14, 2014

Finding a parking ticket when you return to your car after a long day doing whatever it is you are doing can be pretty frustrating. Fighting that ticket is even more frustrating. Now, there is a new solution. Developers of the new iOS application “Fixed” have created an application that can help fight your parking ticket.

You simply download the application on your phones; upload a photo of your parking ticket with the violation code, and Fixed takes care of the rest. The application will then predict your likelihood of success in contesting the ticket based on possible contentions and previous success. Furthermore, Fixed will tell you how much money you can save.

So how much does it cost you ask? Nothing. If you end up losing the contention, Fixed will not charge you any fee. Fixed will only charge if they are successful in contesting the ticket. That fee is a fixed 25% of the fine. As their motto indicates, Fixed is the “easiest way to fix a parking ticket.”

Fixed has engaged a panel of legal researches and attorneys familiar with traffic laws to dissect and understand the common pitfall contentions. With this information, Fixed hopes to become almost always successful in conquering parking tickets and violations. Today Fixed claims that it can increase your chance at being successful to over fifty percent.

Fixed is currently only launched in San Francisco, a city that issues approximately 1.5 million parking tickets each year. Only 5% of those tickets are contested, 30% of which are overturned. The reason the contention success rate is so low is because of the three round appeal process. The first two rounds are by mail and the last is through a court hearing. For now, Fixed only participates in the first two rounds.

Until parking tickets become obsolete, Fixed seems to be a fast, cheap, and easy way to fight those nasty parking tickets! 


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