Incorporation Attorney: 5 Critical Advantages

January 21, 2023

Incorporation attorneys play a crucial role in ensuring that your C corporation or S corporation is established correctly from the outset. Many individuals and businesses opt for the “do-it-yourself” approach or use document preparation services, only to discover later that their corporations weren’t set up correctly, leading to potential legal and financial complications.

If you are a business owner, independent contractor or other professional considering incorporation to save on taxes and protect yourself from lawsuits, consider hiring a trained and seasoned professional to handle the process for you. 

5 Benefits of Incorporation Attorneys

1. Legal Expertise

Incorporation attorneys are trained, in law school, and during the course of their career, about the ins and outs of incorporation. Their training can ensure that your corporation is formed correctly and that you are receiving the best, and most up to date, legal advice.

2. Tailored Advice

Incorporation attorneys avoid the “one size fits all” approach when it comes to incorporating. Since they are permitted to provide you with legal advice, they can advise as to what is best for your specific situation.

3. Tax Planning

Incorporation attorneys often have a background in tax law and can work to devise a strategy to help ensure your tax savings are maximized.

 4. Estate Planning

An often overlooked part of the incorporation process is estate planning. It is better to plan ahead and think about succession planning and what will happen to the business in the future, especially if you have a spouse and/or children. An experienced attorney can take all those factors into consideration and help devise a plan to ensure estate planning is addressed.

5. Corporate Formalities

An important aspect of incorporation is ensuring that all corporate formalities are strictly followed during the incorporation process and throughout the future. Qualified incorporation attorneys can help ensure you are dotting all your i’s and crossing all your t’s. This can help make sure you are protected in case of a lawsuit or audit.

A LawInc Incorporation Attorney Can Help

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