Lix 3D Printing Pen

April 15, 2014

The new Lix 3D printing pen dubbed “The Smallest 3D Printing Pen In The World” is receiving a lot of attention. The pen allows users to create three-dimensional objects in midair without the fuss of a more traditional 3D printer.

Whether they are using air drums, or doodling, people love to be creative and let their imaginations take over. The user-friendly Lix 3D printing pen, will now allow users to think, draw, and create.

Delphine Eloise Wood, Anton Suvorov and Ismail Baran are the team of developers who first developed Lix 3D printing pen. The team of developers has a background in art technology and is set to introduce the project to Kickstarter, a crowd-funding source, in the upcoming weeks.

Other more traditional 3D printers will run users thousands of dollars. The Lix 3D printing pen on the other hand is available on Kickstarter for preorder for $70. Once available to the general public, the Lix pen will cost users $140.

With the touch of a few buttons, practice, and an imagination, users will be able to use the pen to create custom objects like jewelry, sculptures, and even words in midair.

The Specs

The Lix 3D printing pen is created from aluminum, which gives the pen a sleek clean finish while maintaining a lightweight. The body is 14 mm wide and approximately 160 mm long and is powered by a 49 in power cord that can plug into any USB port.

1. Plug It In & Heat It Up

The Lix 3D printing pen comes equipped with a 49-inch power cord. One end of the cord plugs into the top of the pen and the other end into any available USB port. In the less than 1 minute, the pen will be heated up to the right temperature and ready to use.

2. ABS v. PLA Filament

Users have the choice between ABS or PLA filament. That is, plastic rods that are inserted on the top of the pen. The ABS filament is stronger, more flexible, malleable, and offers greater temperature resistance. However, because it is a petroleum-based plastic, it emits a plastic smell. The PLA filament on the other hand, is a plant-based substance that comes in a variety of colors and translucency. As a result of its natural origins, it is emits a more desirable sweet smell but has less strength and flexibility than the ABS.

Either way, the Lix 3D printing pen is compatible with both filaments and they can be used interchangeably.

3. Push and Draw

The Lix has two buttons located toward the bottom of the pen that control the secretion of the filaments. Once users are ready, with a push of a button, they can bring their imaginations to life.

The shape and feel of the Lix 3D printing pen makes it easy to use and fun to play with. Rather than the traditional bulky look previously introduced, this pen is sleek and not much different than using an ordinary pen.

In fact, the Lix pen is so sleek and attractive that Lix now offers a ballpoint pen for $60 as well.

What’s The Difference?

We have seen it done before; 3D printing pens were previously introduced to no success.The 3Doodler received over $2.3 million in Kickstarter funding back in March 2013. However, its bulky design, difficulty to use, and scant resemblance to an actual pen failed its potential.

If you have an itch to be creative and $140 to spare, get your hands on the new Lix 3D printing pen. The full possibilities are endless!



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