Loan Out Company: Unlock 5 Benefits

A loan out company is a great way to save on taxes and limit lawsuit liability.

January 20, 2023

Are you an actor, athlete, musician, model, producer, writer, YouTuber or other professional interested in forming a loan out company? Loan out companies can take the form of S corporations, C corporations or LLCs and provide many benefits.

5 Benefits of a Loan Out Company

1. Tax Benefits

If your loan out company is set up as an S corporation, you can potentially save thousands of dollars on taxes (depending on how much you make). Consider forming a loan out company for significant tax savings.

2. Liability Protection

Who wouldn’t want to bolster their protection from lawsuits and help protect their personal assets. Forming a corporation or LLC can provide excellent asset protection (as long as it is properly formed and maintained).

3. Separate Credit

A loan out corporation or LLC allows you to build separate company credit. This can be used to access  funding for your company.

 4. Retirement Planning

A loan-out can help you prepare for retirement by facilitating contribution to a 401(k) or other retirement plan.

5. Credibility

Using a loan out corporation or LLC can give you more credibility.

LawInc Can Help You Start Your Loan Out Corporation or LLC

If you would like to form a loan out corporation or LLC, LawInc is here to help.

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