How It Works

How It Works

Our service allows you to complete minutes for the current year and previous years. For example, let’s assume your corporation was formed five years ago. Furthermore, let’s assume that minutes have never been prepared. In order for you to properly update your corporation’s records, you will require minutes corresponding to the last five years. Using our service, you are able to prepare minutes corresponding to all of these years.

At LawInc, we make preparing your minutes simple. Once you complete the online order process, we take care of all the time-consuming legal formalities … so you don’t have to.

Complete the questionnaire.

Simply print out and complete our short questionnaire. You may order minutes for the current year or for previous years that you omitted. Click here to get started.

LawInc creates your documents.

We will review your information for consistency and completeness and prepare your minutes. If there are any problems, a customer service representative will contact you before moving forward.

You receive your documents and final instructions.

Once the minutes are prepared, they will be forwarded to you. Simply sign the documents where indicated and the process is complete.