OwnPhones: Kickstarter Company Launches Custom Made Earbuds

July 17, 2014

Today, OwnPhones launched their Kickstarter campaign with goals to raise $250,000 by August 25th. Ownphones has created 3D printed customized earbuds that can be ordered using their smartphone application. In just two days of crowdfund campaigning, the company has already raised $63,000 with only 323 supporters.

OwnPhones founder and CEO Itamar Jobani became constantly frustrated by his earbuds falling out and started this project as a resolution. An artist at heart, Jobani combined his background in 3D modeling, scanning and printing with his passion for art and created OwnPhones. A trendy and scientific twist to the traditional earbud.

The OwnPhones team includes experts from a variety of backgrounds including programmers, electronics engineers, and 3D model designers.

OwnPhones earbuds are the first to be completely wireless, 3D printed and completely unique to fit each individuals’ personality and activity level. With 10,000 different colors, shapes, designs, and materials OwnPhones are completely customizable.


OwnPhones photogrammetry technology

The company uses photogrammetry. Photogrammetry is the science of making measurements from photographs using the size of a known object. A computer will infer the size of your ear and use the information to create the customized earbud.

Using the mobile app, users choose their activity profile and tell the company how much running, jumping and activity they will be doing with the earbuds. The company then runs a mechanical simulator to ensure the earbuds can withstand the activity.

Using the OwnPhones mobile application and a smartphone, users can upload a short video of their ears. The video will then be uploaded onto OwnPhones servers and using advanced algorithms, the information will be converted into 3D models. The data of your ear’s anatomy will then be used to create a perfectly fitting earbud using a 3D printer.


The OwnPhones earbuds are completely wireless and use Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect with external devices. Because of this, there are no wires to get tangled in or cords to accidentally tug at.

The SoundScaping technology allows the earbuds to block out outside noise. Because of their 100% custom snug fit, a built-in digital signal processor can be used to filter ambiance noises. The technology can decrease environmental noises such as traffic and crowds speaking around you, or can be used to let in noises of your choice such as alarms or a friend’s voice.

The OwnStatus feature allows the earbuds to speak for users. Red, yellow and green LED lights signal to people around the users whether or not the user is available to be approached. Red means “leave me alone,” yellow “I’m busy” and green “Let’s chat.”

OwnStatus lights indicate availability

OwnStatus lights indicate users’ availability

Lastly, the OwnPhone earbuds are versatile and can be used both at home, for driving or for working out. Because the earbuds come in a set of two, you can use either both to listen to music, one to drive a car while talking on the phone, or use one to listen to music while using the other to drown out external noises. “You’re in charge of what you want to hear.”


The company currently offers four different types of OwnPhones. Fit, Designer Fit, Smart Fit and Jewelry Collection. Each type offers a different experience.

The Fit earbuds, the most simple, are custom designed earbuds that are fitted to stay in your ear.


OwnPhones Fit earbuds

The DesignerFit earbuds “steps up the style a notch” and offers users a choice of different graphics and finishes for their OwnPhones.


OwnPhones DesignerFit earbuds

The SmartFit earbuds incorporate the SoundScaping technology that allows users to sensor and filter what do and do not want to hear. In addition, it offers the LED availability indicators.

The Jewelry Collection gives users the opportunity to enjoy their music and staying fashionable at the same time. Users can choose unique designs and shapes, add silver, brass, bronze or gold plating and choose gemstones to give their earbuds a truly unique look.

OwnPhones Jewelry Collection earbuds

OwnPhones Jewelry Collection earbuds

Jobani states; “OwnPhones represents a new paradigm in manufacturing — instead of producing millions of identical earbuds for different ears, we 3D-print earbuds tailor made to each user. Ears are like fingerprints – each one is unique, so we were able to develop earbuds that are custom made to actually fit your ears properly!”

Unfortunately for OwnPhones however, although their earbuds are completely unique, their idea is not. Just recently, a company called Normal launched 3D printed tailor made earphones for $199. The difference however: Normal earbuds are not wireless where OwnPhone earbuds are completely wireless.

For a pledge of at least $149, supporters can receive their own pair of OwnPhones.


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