Sense: Device Raises $800,000 On Kickstarter

July 24, 2014

Hello Inc., a Delaware corporation, is the parent company to a San Francisco based startup company Sense. Sense has developed a device that helps users track their sleep patterns and external influences while asleep. The device allows users to track and calculate many variables in the bedroom including temperature, lighting, humidity levels, noise levels and elements in the air.

The Sense also has an alarm, the Smart Alarm, that connects through users smartphones and  wakes them up at a specific time of their sleep cycle. Waking up at the right time allows users to wake up without feeling tired or irritable.

The company launched a Kickstarter campaign and has already already surpassed their $100,000 goal. With 27 days of campaigning remaining, the company has already raised more than $800,000. Today, funders can get their own Sense for a $99 pledge but soon the company will take pre-orders for $129.

CEO and co-founder James Proud and a team of designers and engineers are working to build a product that “millions of people around the world use and love.”

CEO and co-founder James Proud

CEO and co-founder James Proud


Because of its sleek design, Sense is able to track, measure and control sleep patterns and external factors without imposing itself or intruding. The small egg shaped design sits nicely on users nightstand and comes with an external piece the “Sleep Pill.”

Sense device is modern and sleep

Sense device is modern and sleek


The Sleep Pill is a tiny ultra sensitive sensor that users attach to their pillows to track their sleep patterns without the traditional wires and machines. The Sleep Pill will let users know when they are asleep, moving around and even waking up.


Each Pill is equipped with technology that senses and monitors the slightest movements through your sleep. The information is then wirelessly communicated to the Sense through low energy Bluetooth.

Because the Pill can last up to an entire year without charge, users do not have to worry about forgetting to charge or plug in the device. In addition, the Pill is designed with highly resistant material that cannot easily be damaged. If users accidentally toss the Pill into the washer with the pillow case nothing will happen, the Sleep Pill is water proof.


A Sleep Score is generated every night notifying users of how well, or unwell, they slept through the night.

A perfect score of 100 can be compromised by any element the device sensors are monitoring. Any disturbance through the night will decrease users scores. For example, a room that is completely dark will increase users’ Sleep Scores by 10 points. On the other hand, a repetitive barking dog or garbage truck outside can decrease users’ scores by 20 points.

In addition to identifying problems in users’ sleep patterns, the Sense will also help users repair any situation that prevents them from getting a perfect score of 100 every night.


The Smart Alarm uses advanced technology to wake users up at the exact right moment of their sleep pattern.

The Sleep Pill monitors users’ sleep pattern and notifies the Smart Alarm exactly when your body begins to wiggle to awake. If an alarm clock is set to near the time your body starts to move, the Smart Alarm will go off and wake users up at exactly the right moment of their sleep cycle.

This technique allows users to wake up, with the help of the Smart Alarm, at the time their body is most awake. Rather than allowing users to fall back into a deeper sleep, the Smart Alarm technology wakes users up when the timing is right.

On the company blog Proud wrote: “sleep is absolutely crucial to every single one of us. Out of all the different things we do each day, it’s one of the few that we literally do every single day and it provides the foundation for absolutely everything else we do during that following day.”


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