Skully: California Startup Creates World’s First Smart Helmet

August 19, 2014

California startup company, Skully Helmets Inc., has created the world’s first “smart” helmet. The Skully AR-1 Biker Helmet allows users to enjoy all the benefits of riding their motorcycles while focusing on their safety. The Skully helmet is an all-in-one device that provides users with a heads-up display of directions and their surroundings, and even integrates their cellphones. 

The San Francisco based startup, which incorporated in 2013, has launched a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo which has raised over $1.2 million. With 21 days remaining, the California startup has already well surpassed their $250,000 goal. According to TechCrunch, the Skully motorcycle helmet Indiegogo campaign has been fully funded faster than any other.


Skully co-founder and CEO Dr. Marcus Weller first developed the idea to create the helmet after a motorcycle accident in 2011. Weller, an avid biker, was distracted when he removed his eyes off the road in order to read a street sign. As a result, he invented Skully with the intent to avoid future accidents.

Skully co-founder & CEO Marcus Weller

Skully co-founder & CEO Marcus Weller

Weller earned a PhD in Industrial Psychology from Wayne State University and spent many years as a consultant and industrial psychologist in the automotive industry.

Marcus’ brother and Skully co-founder Mitchell Weller joined the company in 2013 after years working in human resources, operations and logistics. Mitchell earned a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Minnesota and served in the U.S. Army.

Together, the brothers strive to improve motorcycle riding safety by implementing technology.


Skully incorporates a system of sensors, processors and a tiny camera that provides users with many unique features including heads-up display and turn by turn navigation. Built-in voice recognition technology allows users speak into their helmet and ask for whatever it is they need.

The heads-up display is transparent and allows users to focus on the road ahead without being distracted by the tiny projected image below users’ right eye. Because of its technology, the display will always remain in focus no matter where users look.

Skully heads-up display

Skully heads-up display

Ultra wide angled rear view cameras also provide users with a 180 degree view of their surroundings. This allows users to not only see the road ahead, but their rear and blind spots as well.

Integrated bluetooth technology allows users to pair the helmet with their smartphones to place and receive handsfree phone calls. In addition, an integrated audio system allows users to stream and listen to music through their smartphones while riding their motorcycles.

Skully specs

Skully specs

The battery life of the Skully is an average of 9 hours of continuous use. After that, users can charge their Skully using a standard USB cable. 


Skully helmets are DOT/ECE certified, meaning they meet the standards of the two toughest and internationally approved helmet safety requirements. The certifications aim to protect users from approximately 90% of all impact injuries.

In addition, heads-up displays are capable of significantly improving drivers’ safety and circumstantial awareness when used correctly. As a result, the heads-up display will allow users to remain safe while being aware of their surroundings and avoid potentially dangerous accidents.

To ensure a perfect fit, Skully ranges in sizes from S-XXL and offers users additional premium padding if the fit is too large.

Users interested in purchasing a Skully can preorder one for $1,399 or purchase one when released in May 2015.



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