Emotient Google Glass App Can Read Emotions

March 16, 2014

Emotient, San Diego based company that is incorporated in Delaware, has announced a prototype application for Google Glass that can help recognize and understand the emotions of people who enter your field of vision. Venture capital firm Handbag, LLC created by Seth Neiman, led the Series B venture capital funding and raised $6 million. Emotient is the leader in facial expression recognition technology to date and has raised a total of $8 million including the incubation financing.

Because there is so much controversy surrounding Google Glass and privacy concerns, makers of the application promise that the technology will not store any information generated. Rather, users of the application will only receive the information in real time. Furthermore, Google Glass has banned public use of the application before strong privacy procedures are enacted.

According to Emotient, the application can recognize one’s sentiment, primary emotions such as joy, sadness, fear or anger, and advanced emotions such as frustration and confusion. Once an emotion is detected, the Google Glass user is prompted with a full report of people’s feelings. Retailers, professionals, and other businesses can use the information to monitor and improve their customer service.

Current customers of Emotient include companies that use the technology to analyze focus group reactions, health care providers that use the technology to diagnose remote patients over the Internet, and universities that use the information in psychological and cognitive neuroscience academia.

Emotient aims to target users such as retailers that may use the application to measure customer emotional responses to merchandise and salespeople. Specifically, retailers can use shopper’s emotional reactions to help train future associates and help enhance marketing and shopping experiences.

According to Emotient CEO, Ken Denman, “The ability to measure real-time customer sentiment, as it relates to customer service, products and merchandising is a huge opportunity for businesses to drive focus and therefore sales.”