California Osteopathic Medical Corporation: Unlock 8 Benefits

California osteopathic medical corporations provide many benefits to California osteopathic physicians in private practice.

January 11, 2023

Are you a California D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) interested in forming a California professional osteopathic medical corporation? If so, there are many advantages to doing so. Consider the following benefits:

1. Limited Liability Protection

California osteopathic medical corporations can help provide the osteopathic physician owners with additional personal asset protection in case of a lawsuit (except in cases of malpractice).

2. Tax Deductions

Incorporating allows for the opportunity to more aggressively write off business expenses.

3. Tax Savings    

Doctors of osteopathic medicine who elect to incorporate have the opportunity to minimize payroll taxes. Depending on income, this can result in thousands of dollars of tax savings annually.

 4. Pass-Through Taxation

Unlike C corporations, California professional osteopathic medical corporations taxed as S corporations can avoid “double taxation.” Profits and losses are passed down to the owner(s).

5. Retained Earnings

Since S corporations are not taxed at the corporate level, it can be easier for them to retain earnings and reinvest them into the S corporation. This can be helpful for osteopaths that want to build up their cash reserves.

6. Employee Benefits

It is easier to offer employee benefits like health insurance and retirement plans through corporations.

7. Perpetual Existence

Osteopathic professional medical corporations allow for perpetual existence. This means that the corporation can exist independently of the original D.O. founder. This allows for easier sale of a osteopathic medicine practice.

8. Credibility

Operating as a corporation can provide credibility to the doctor of osteopathy owner.

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