California Veterinary Corporation Explained

California Vet Corporation Owner with a New Patient

Explore the essentials of starting a Professional Veterinary Corporation in California.

November 5, 2023

Legal Framework

Incorporation Process

  • Formation: File articles of incorporation with the California Secretary of State.
  • No LLCs: Cannot form as an LLC or traditional corporation for veterinary services​​
  • Structure: Typically structured as an S-Corporation for tax reasons and to provide liability protection​ (except for malpractice).

Ownership Requirements

  • Licensed Professionals: Directors, shareholders, and officers must be licensed veterinarians, except as allowed under certain conditions by Section 13403 of the Corporations Code
  • Naming Conventions: Must include “veterinary corporation” or similar wording to denote corporate existence

Financial Protocols

  • Disqualified Persons: A disqualified shareholder cannot accrue benefits from the veterinary corporation​.
  • Stock Regulations: Rules for selling stock of disqualified or deceased persons​
  • Insurance Requirements: Must secure insurance or equivalent for patient claims related to professional services​.

Ethical Compliance

  • Professional Conduct: Must not engage in any act that would be deemed unprofessional under current laws​.
  • Punishable Violations: Violations of the Professional Corporation Act or related regulations can lead to punishment as per Section 4831​.

Exemptions and Miscellaneous

  • Veterinary Premises: Holding a certificate of registration of veterinary premises does not require forming a veterinary corporation.


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