Uber Faces Suspension, $7 Million Fine, in CA

Uber California Suspension and Fine

July 15, 2015

Uber hailed a hefty $7.3 million fine, Wednesday, for refusing to provide California regulators requested information about driver safety, service and vehicle accessibility for disabled passengers.

Accessibility Information

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) requested information about the percentage and number of customers requesting accessible vehicles and how often the requests were complied with.

Service Information

They also requested information about how many rides were requested and accepted, the number of rides that were requested and not accepted, and the amounts paid for the rides that were accepted.

Driver Safety Information

The CPUC also requested information about the cause of accidents involving Uber drivers.

Suspension in 30 Days

The administrative judge also ruled that Uber faces suspension, in 30 days, if the penalty is not paid and requirements are not met, unless an appeal is filed or the CPUC requests a review. 

The judge was not satisfied with Uber’s argument that it provided sufficient information to the CPUC.

Uber’s Response

Uber spokeswoman, Eva Behrend, expressed deep disappointment with the ruling and vowed to appeal.

Behrend stated that “Uber has already provided substantial amounts of data to the California Public Utilities Commission, information we have provided elsewhere with no complaints.”

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Behrend claimed that providing additional information could compromise passenger and driver safety.

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