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Business Interruption Insurance Protects Businesses

January 7, 2015

2014 had its fair share of both natural and man-made disasters. Many business owners have suffered at the hand of major snowstorms hitting the midwest and New York, large fires in...

Small Business Owner Wins Trademark Battle With Chick-fil-A

December 23, 2014

Bo Muller-Mo, a Vermont T-shirt maker and small business owner, has won a 3-year legal battle against Goliath fast food chain Chick-fil-A, over a slogan trademark. After Muller-Moore filed a...

Uber Sued For "False and Misleading" Statements

December 22, 2014

Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey and San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon have filed lawsuits against the popular ride-sharing app, Uber, following a suit in Portland Oregon. The lawsuit,...

Indiegogo Implements New Crowdfunding Insurance

December 1, 2014

There is always some risk involved with supporting the latest crowdfunding project and Indiegogo has finally found a way to offer its investors some accountability and assurances that their investment is safe. Many...

What Happens To My California Business During a Divorce?

October 21, 2014

With divorce rates so high in California, it is important to consider what happens to a business, run by one or both spouses, upon divorce. California is unique in that it...

start Florida business

How To Start a Business in Florida

October 14, 2014

Florida has a lot more than sunshine and blue waters to offer new businesses. More appealing than the weather is the tax benefits Florida offers its residents. Business owners interested in...


Plastc: California Startup Aims to Redefine the Credit Card

October 10, 2014

California startup company, Plastc, Inc., has created a digital plastic card that is able to combine all of your payment methods into one. Plastc looks and feels like an ordinary credit...

California Startup Company Creates Interactive Yoga Mat

October 8, 2014

California startup company, SmartMat, Inc., has created the World’s first smart yoga mat. The SmartMat is a portable yoga mat that allows users to keep track, improve and master their yoga...

I have a Business Idea, Now What?

October 6, 2014

Have a great business idea that you want to bring to life? Coming up with a great business idea can be exciting and invigorating. Coming up with an idea can...

Meet Ello: The Viral Social Networking Startup

September 30, 2014

Vermont-based startup Ello, Inc., launched in August, has created a new, “simple, beautiful and ad-free” social network that is invitation only. Users can only join by requesting an invitation from the site...