Muse: Startup Creates Brain Sensing Headband

September 24, 2014

Wearable technology is hot among startup companies right now.

Using technology similar to that found in a heart monitor, InteraXon Inc., has created the Muse brain sensing headband which translates real-time brain activity onto your smartphone or tablet, via bluetooth.

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The startup claims that Muse will allow users to improve physical, emotional and mental health by managing and reducing stress while increasing focus, productivity and motivation.

About InteraXon

InteraXon was founded by CEO Ariel Garten and Trevor Coleman in 2007 and currently employs a team of artists, engineers and neuroscientists. In 2012, InteraXon raised over $280,000 through the crowdfunding source Indiegogo and has since raised an additional $6 million from various investors.

Ariel Garten, Muse CEO and co-founder, wearing her Muse brain sensing headband

Ariel Garten, Muse CEO and co-founder, wearing her Muse brain sensing headband

The 35-year-old Canadian native and psychotherapist and her co-founder say that Muse is similar to a heart rate monitor that provides users with feedback on how healthy their hearts are and how much exercise is needed to get healthy.

How The Muse Brain Sensing Headband Works

Users’ brains are always actively creating electrical fields that produce information. Any changes in this field can be detected from outside the body through monitors similar to heart monitors.

Muse brain sensing headband works to help monitor your daily mental activity

Muse brain sensing headband works to help monitor your daily mental activity

Basically, Muse measures your brain’s activity.

The Muse brain sensing headband uses 7 electroencephalography (EEG) sensors located across the headband to capture and compute your brain’s spontaneous activity into feedback. When the brain shifts between concentrating, relaxing and other mental states, Muse’s technology detects the changes and notifies users of the changes in real time.

A soft spoken voice prompts users to think about 3 different categories to activate users’ frontal lobes and get an active reading. The Muse then begins 3 to twelve minute intervals that measure users’ emotional state.

Once a user becomes calm, he or she will hear waves. If the users’ mind shifts focus to other thoughts, he or she will hear a gust of wind. If a user’s mind is completely silent, he or she will hear birds chirping.

Muse technology wirelessly syncs with users' smartphones

Muse technology wirelessley syncs with users’ smartphones

Muse uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect to users’ smartphone devices and provide both audio and visual feedback. The information is then transferred in real time to users who can then monitor how calm or active they were during the 3 minute interval.

User Benefits

An individuals’ mental health is a large component of his or her overall general health. The information provided by the Muse headband allows users to not only monitor their stress levels but also provides information and techniques on how to reduce their stress and anxiety levels.

In addition, the Muse helps users focus their minds and stay positive rather than negative. These exercises will result in greater mental awareness, concentration and productivity.

When focusing on staying calm, users are forced to minimize any distractions which ultimately leads to greater focus and attention. In addition, by being in touch with their minds, users are able to tap into their brains and learn to better manage and cope with issues.

How Do I Get One?

The Muse headband, a micro-USB charger and user guide can all be purchased for $299 on both and The headband comes in two color choices of black and white.

The compatible smartphone application, Calm, can be downloaded through either Google Play Store or the Apple Store for free.

Wearable Tech Startups

Creation of devices like Google Glass, the Apple Watch, the Skully Helmet and the first bionic eye signifies that wearable technology will be extremely prevalent in the future.

If you’re thinking of creating a wearable technology startup company of your own, move quickly. Now is the time.



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