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Choosing A Business Name: 5 Factors To Consider

May 29, 2016 03:05 pm by LawInc Staff

It is a well known fact that you will never have a second chance to make a good first impression. It...

How To Lose Your Trademark: 4 Common Mistakes

May 16, 2016 04:05 pm by Sheren Javdan

Too often, trademark owners make the common mistake of failing to comply with trademark requirements after their marks have been...

The Curious Trademark History of Sriracha Sauce

May 12, 2016 11:05 am by Jonathan Schmig

Is it “Sriracha” or “sriracha”? The capitalization, or lack thereof, actually carries some surprisingly potentially massive implications. According to the...

4 Reasons To Trademark Your Business Name

April 29, 2016 05:04 pm by LawInc Staff

When you trademark your business name, you are investing in both your image and brand. Businesses spend thousands of dollars...

Land Rover vs. Landwind: China's Copycat Cars Strike Again

April 23, 2015 04:04 pm by Jonathan Schmig

The Western world complaining about China’s intellectual property (IP) regime is nothing new. Which is probably why few are surprised...

Starting a Band? Register a Trademark ASAP

March 26, 2015 04:03 pm by Jonathan Schmig

If you’re starting a band—or thinking of starting a band—chances are that red tape and potential legal hindrances are the...

Katy Perry Attorneys Issue Cease and Desist in "Left Shark" Copyright Dispute

February 05, 2015 12:02 pm by Sheren Javdan

Year after year, the Super Bowl is the most watched event on television and this year’s Patriots vs. Seahawks game...

How to Assign a Trademark

November 18, 2014 06:11 pm by LawInc Staff

Intellectual property is an asset that trademark, copyright and patent owners can either license or assign and collect a fee.  Before learning...

PODS vs. U-Haul Trademark Dispute Yields $60 Million

September 25, 2014 05:09 pm by Sheren Javdan

Thursday, a jury in the U.S. District Court of Tampa ruled in favor of PODS Enterprises, Inc., in a trademark...

deadmau5 vs disney copyright trademark dispute

Deadmau5 vs. Disney: DJ Retaliates in Trademark War

September 07, 2014 12:09 pm by Sheren Javdan

Just days after Disney filed a Notice of Opposition against the Canadian house musician Deadmau5 fires back with a notice...

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